Advising and Supporting People and Teams

Managers are under increasing pressure, so their company expects a lot from them.  Situations are evermore complex and markets more demanding while limitations continue to multiply.  Managers have to constantly adapt.

Our objectives in supporting managers in their daily work life: Motivate teams and improve their effectiveness.


Supporting teams to:

  • Constitute them and create team dynamics
  • Strengthen their cohesion and improve their effectiveness
  • Reinforce involvement and a sense of responsibility in each member
  • Adapt to internal and external changes
  • Resolve internal crises
  • More generally, develop the Project mode, horizontal relationships and cooperation

Supporting managers to:

  • Accompany them in changing their organisational structure
  • Resolve interpersonal and operational dysfunctions
  • Motivate their collaborators and promote their sense of responsibility

Accompagner les personnes pour :

  • Optimise their resources
  • Identify their operating schemes and their impact
  • Develop their autonomy
  • Evaluate their skills and establish their career plan

The Methodology Employed:

Listen to needs and perform a managerial diagnostic of

  • The company
  • The management

Define and validate the scope of the mission:

  • Issues, Stakes and Objectives
  • Calendar
  • Agree on means to measure results

Measure results once the mission is completed

Means :

  • Conduct a survey on how the management is perceived in the company
  • Define and plan actions to implement
  • Perform a managerial diagnostic by team


  • Individual and group action plans
  • Plan to monitor implementation of actions


In order to fully meet expectations, all our missions are personalised

The tools employed:

  • Systemic analysis methods (7S; Mind mapping, etc.
  • Method for the systemic analysis of processes and organisational structures
  • SOSIE for an individual psychological evaluation
  • Insights Discovery and Golden to establish the personality profile
  • Profiler Tonus for the team profile
  • Co-development and Open Forum for collective intelligence