The deontological rules we are committed to respecting and ensuring that our teams respect:

  1. RESPONSIBILITY: We do not accept a mission unless we are convinced that we are qualified to achieve it and to best meet our client’s expectations to his fullest satisfaction. We appreciate being able to support our clients over the long term, and our missions include follow-up..
  2. RESPECT FOR THE CLIENT COMPANY: We commit ourselves to maintaining a relationship of absolute trust with our clients. We guarantee the complete confidentiality of the non-public information shared with us.
  3. RESPECT FOR THE CONTRACT: in terms of objectives, results, costs and delivery times..
  4. RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL IN THE COMPANY : In the scope of the mission entrusted to us, we pledge to engage in honest and upright practices, based on respect of our contract with the company and respect for the personnel.
  5. INDEPENDENCE : We pledge to complete our missions while maintaining our independence and integrity.
  6. RESPECT FOR DEONTOLOGY vis-à-vis our colleagues and partners. We pledge to respect honest practices based on respect for professionals of the same field.