For a number or years we have supported out clients in the search, selection and integration of their managers with the help of rigorous methods and techniques and expert assessment tools.

Our experience covers all business sectors and all types of organisation companies, associations, etc.): Telecommunications; Automotive Industry; High Tech; Banking; Pharmaceuticals; Aeronautics; Consular Organs; & Non-Profit Associations.

DIRECT APPROACH: Headhunting for Top and Middle Management

Our expertise in recruiting by direct approach, or headhunting, and/or by job advertisement covers:

Recruitment of key positions in the company: executives and middle managers.
General Manager – Director of Finance – Marketing Director – Sales Director – Director of R&D – Director of Communication – IT Director – DHR – Production Director – Director of Quality – Director of Purchasing

cabinet de recrutement Nice

Search & Selection

Search and selection of Top and Middle Managers by direct approach and/or by job advertisement

  • Analysis of the needs and context
  • Meeting with key interlocutors concerned by the recruitment
  • Analysis & validation of the profile and identification of target companies
  • Approaching candidates in a company – a weekly report on the headhunt is addressed to the company throughout the operation
  • First selection after telephone interview
  • Face to face interview (half-day) with assessment and situational exercises (training camera)
  • Collecting references from former employers, customers or key interlocutors with the candidate’s consent
  • Drafting a short list of 3 finalists
  • As necessary, candidates interviewed before a jury

We offer a 1-year guarantee and 6 months of assistance in the orientation and integration of the selected candidate.


Validation of the Short List

We also assist the company in selecting candidates from its own short list.

  • In-depth interview – Situational exercises – Training camera
  • Administration of a personality test: Insights Discovery – Sosie – Profiler Tonus
  • Comparative analysis of candidate applications
  • Restitution of application files with comments


Evaluating personnel and candidates is a major stake for the company that requires expertise.
Evaluating effectively involves:

  • Considering the personality type,
  • Determining professional knowledge and skills,
  • Assessing skills with regard to the position in terms of know-how and interpersonal skills
  • Estimating future potential.

What we bring to the table:

  • Expertise and objectivity
  • Comparative critical analysis of the candidate’s potentials
  • Identification of professional and interpersonal skills
  • Analysis of personal characteristics

Methodology & Deliverables:

  • In-depth interview with personality testing: Insights Discovery – Sosie – Profiler Tonus
  • Setting up an assessment centre, if applicable
  • A summary report with our recommendations is presented and shared with concerned deciders (managers and HR).

Evaluation Context:

  • Internal mobility: change in position envisioned
  • Career change
  • Manager who qualifies for High Potential