Meeting the challenges of today’s working world requires well-trained people. Management training is the motor of the Human Resources dynamics of a company and must meet several objectives:

  1. Deal with national and international competition
  2. Improve responsiveness and adaptability to meet new market demands
  3. Maintain the employability of the workforce to limit costs to society

Vector of a company’s culture, the quality of a management training policy also produces attractive candidates for today’s job market. METCH is a training organisation registered under the number 93 06 03 945 06. METCH combines several pedagogical methods and practices structured in steps and action plans to foster appropriation and implementation of new tools over the long term.

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  1. Adapt management skills to the company’s goals
  2. Harmonise practices to bring about a managerial company culture
  3. Strengthen dialogue and horizontal relationships between managers and their teams
  4. Develop interpersonal skills


Working closely with Management and Human Resources, we build a group or individual training programme that responds to expectations and specificities arising from your company’s culture and context.

A follow-up period of 4 months allows you to evaluate the extent to which the training’s principles have been assimilated and to ensure the execution of individual and group action plans drawn up during the sessions.


  • Group session – Workshops
  • Co-development session
  • Thematic management workshops
  • Situational exercises /role plays / training with camera / feed-back


  • Before the seminar, the manager’s personality type is identified. This gives him/her better self-awareness and a guide to understanding others.
  • Tools used: Insights Discovery – Golden – MBTI – SOSIE
  • With the agreement of the company’s General Management, situational exercises are filmed, commented and recorded on USB keys distributed to each participant.


  • Individual review of profiles during an interview
  • Summary of points addressed during the seminars
  • Individual and group action plans